Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reality II: The Sequel without Equal

The “What is Reality?” post on October 15 dealt with reality in general. Let’s move on to the reality of the soul.
There are different ways we can examine how we are made in the image & likeness of God. God is pure spirit and our souls are pure spirit. God has a will and an intellect as do we. We have the ability to know a thing (with our intellect) and act upon that thing (with our will).
Our will desires Goodness and our intellect desires Truth because we are made for God. The effects of sin weaken the will and dim the intellect, so that we no longer seek what is good or understand what is true. In others words, sin makes us spiritually lazy and stupid.
We either move our will and our intellect toward God or toward “self”. The closer we move toward God the closer our desire for truth and goodness is satisfied. The beatific vision or Heaven is when we are one in union with the source of all truth and all goodness.

An eternal and inescapable state of dissatisfaction and loneliness comes when we have permanently moved our will and intellect toward “self” and away from God; this is Hell.
We must ask ourselves….. What choices am I making each day? Where do I spend my time and money? Where do my idle thoughts go? Am I moving toward God or toward “self”?
A visual will help explain. Click photo below to see your soul!!

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