Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taking the "Girl" out of Girl Scouts

There are several ways in which we can understand ourselves to be made in the image & likeness of God. For example, God has a will and an intellect as do we; God is spirit and our souls are spirit. Another way relates to human gender and sexuality. Theology of the body explains how we can speak of the Trinity in terms of love and persons. From the eternal love between the Father and the Son proceeds a third person, called the Holy Spirit. In a similar way, the love between a husband and wife helps to create a third person, called a baby.

In Catholicism male and female matter and sexuality is not only physical, like it is for animals, and it’s not only spiritual, as if we were angels or “mini-gods”. It’s both.

In secularism, sexuality is spoken of in both physical terms and psychological terms, but seems to be treated as only physical or only psychological when it is convenient to the situation.

“It’s just sex” appeals to the idea that sex is for adult entertainment and it’s about physical pleasure. In this view the physical nature that brings the pleasure is what matters. Any psychological concerns that arise from extensive and varying forms of fornicating are merely the result of religious oppression, or other societal guilt. Unjust and unneeded remorse is forced onto individuals which keeps them from enjoying what comes naturally.

On the other hand, if a boy believes himself to be a girl or vice versa, the physical evidence of the body as male or female has no meaning. All that matters is the psychological concern.

The psychological only view has found its way into the Girl Scouts of America (GSA). A new GSA policy will now extend membership to boys who identify as girls. The group says on its website, "If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe."

This basically means that the girls in the organization will be forced to recognize and accept transgenderism as “normal”. Boys from kindergarten through high school can join the Girl Scouts if the boy considers himself to be girl and “others” agree.

Boys in skirts and maybe a little make-up will become a part of the program and one would suppose they must also be allowed to use the same camping tents and bathrooms. It would not matter what the other girls in the troop or their parents think because the boy will essentially call the shots. If the boy believes himself to be a girl and the family and school/community agrees (whoever they are), it’s decided for everyone else. Physical evidence of being a boy means nothing.

I'm no expert on gender confusion, but I can't imaging a situation where the “school/community” leads a boy to think he might be a girl. Rather, it is more likely that the boy does or says things that would relate more to being a girl and the parents think “Let’s go with that lead.” and then look for support in the community.  In other words, the child, whose cognitive reasoning is not developed, leads the way, and we should ask ourselves in what society in human history have children ever been allowed to lead the way.

We’re losing our common sense and it’s a challenge to point it out because… “It is not a pleasant task to call attention to the obvious. To make others appear to be shortsighted, let alone blind, may easily evoke resentment.”
- Fr. Stanley Jaki
Are they sold by real Girl Scouts?


  1. Parents, medical professionals and society have dropped the ball big time in the transgender issue. If a boys body is perfectly healthy and the boy feels like a girl trapped in a male body, then something is terribly amiss in the boys mind. Something is not firing correctly in relation to objective reality: his male body. Yet without any concern that something is wrong society supports the boys claim that he is a girl. Having nothing else in order to base his claims as true except taking boys word as true, we just accept that the boy is right and we have no business saying otherwise. How many people who have psychological problems and claim to be someone other than who they really are, are supported in their delusions? If a man claims to be Napoleon should society support him in his claim? Should they provide him with a uniform? Throne? Perhaps an empire? Should we just accept his word that he is indeed Napoleon?

    I'm not really sure what is happening to society. I don't know if this madness is a deliberate attempt to bring about chaos in order to usher in an agenda of which I have no clue or is society truly and slowly becoming mad? This is a good post albeit a disturbing one.

    1. It's beyond dropping the ball, or madness, or a misguided kind of compassion. I think it's safe to say attacks on the true nature of human sexuality have a diabolical force behind it.

  2. Seems like a lot of things are becoming subjective, even truth. Gather enough votes and what is objectively false becomes a truth, subjectively. Scary, really scary.

  3. Despite that some holy books make the assertion that we are created male and female, some humans are not. It's not common but a small but significant number of people are born with ambiguous genitalia, extra sex chromosomes or develop with sex hormone imbalances. Rather than dismiss those people we need to understand them and expand our understanding to include them.

    Your commentary on Girl Guides of America is interesting. I was a Scout leader in Canada for many years retiring last year when my son finished his Scouting. Scouts Canada is co-ed (some of my best Scouts are girls), does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and was open to me as a leader even thought I was not religious. The issue of tents and bathrooms is a not an issue. We maintain an environment where sexual contact is not tolerated.

    As to cross-dressing, a boy at my son's high school dresses in a skirt (at least the times I've seen him). In my high school a generation ago his life would have been in danger if he did that. In my son's urban school he is treated just like any other boy. This generation doesn't have the hang-ups we had about race, ethnicity, language or sexual orientation that my generation did. And that's good.

    1. Hi Michael,
      No need to discuss "holy books". We can use science, biology and logic. The human species comes in two forms (male & female). Anything in-between would be a deviation from normal. We can then ask, "what should we do about it?" and the first step in dealing with a deviation is to admit there is a deviation.

      If Scouts is co-ed then it's co-ed, but I'm sure there would be at least a dress code for boys & girls. If not co-ed, they should go by the biology of the child; the objective physical reality, not what the child or the parents believe or feel. When the kid is over 18 then he/she can do what they want (right or wrong).

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. But humans mostly occur as male (XY chromosones) or female (XX chrmonosones) but science has shown that's not always the case. There are a small but significant number of people born with XXY, XYY, XXYY, etc. and sometimes the sex of these individuals are determined by the doctor in consultation with the parent when there is ambiguous genitalia, The objective reality is blurred and the biology is indeterminate.

      Note : My fellow Scout leader was a Scot and his dress code occasionally ventured into areas that some cultures might assocaite with cross dressing.

    3. I can understand that. Male (XY chromosomes) or Female (XX chromosomes) would be normal and anything else would be a deviation from normal. Additionally, this post is about boys who believe they are girls and how that relates to GSA, not about ambiguous genitalia or any "other".

    4. I don't agree with using the word normal to describe the majority of people who male and female in the same way I would call a person with Down's syndrome as a "deviation from normal". Normal is too loaded a word. People are people, most are clearly male and female but many (one estimate is 3 in 1000) are intersex; I don't understand boys who feel they are girls, but I know they exist for a variety of physical reasons and it's not for me to judge them.

    5. We need to judge in order to assess the reality of what is going on and what to do about it. There needs to be a norm or an "ought" or a standard by which to judge physical or mental condition or ones behavior, otherwise we become victims of relativism, because who are we to judge, people are people.

    6. A norm is not an ought. If it ones one could argue that the "norm" is for people to be sexually active. Catholic priests are not sexually active and are therefore a "deviation from the norm" and then we have the ought or standard by which to judge their behavior.

    7. I am using normal as in “should” or “ought” (not an average). The “actual” condition or behavior can be compared to the “should” condition or behavior. For the topic of human sexual activity, the “should” is chastity. In catholic terms it applies to all people (married, single and religious). Celibacy is a Church discipline for priests and other religious. The “should” and “actual” for a discipline would be a very different topic.