Friday, March 9, 2012

The Abortion Spectrum and Biased Media

I could not say the number of times I’ve heard 100% pro-life politicians, like Rick Santorum, called “extreme” in their abortion view by the mainstream media. I do not recall one time when a 100% pro-choice politician, like Barack Obama, was called “extreme” by the same media.
Rick Santorum believes abortion should be illegal for anyone, for any reason, at any time. Barack Obama believes abortion should be legal for anyone, for any reason, at any time. In the logic of a spectrum, if one end is to be labeled extreme, the opposite end must also be extreme.
In additive light theory, the full presence of light (red, green, blue) is what we perceive as white. In subtractive light theory, the absence of light is what we perceive as black. If we were to label the complete absence of light as “extreme black”, we must then label a complete presence of light as “extreme white”.
How about this one? If 100% humidity must be called extremely humid, then 0% humidity must be called extremely dry.
Why is it then that 100% pro-choice politicians are not referred to as “extreme”? Why are they not called “anti-life extremists” if those on the other side are called “anti-choice extremists”?  A bias media is a very reasonable conclusion.

Call this man "extreme"..........if you call this man "extreme"


  1. You have a point there.

  2. If Obama believes that aborting at any time is okay, then yeah, you do have a point here. Abortion, if it's made legal, should be until the third month, after that should be illegal.

    1. In this case you are basically saying the day, hour or minute before the third month the baby has no right to life, but the next day, hour or minute it does. What magically changes in that time? What is the threshold other than time itself? By the way, thank you for your comments.

    2. It's like adulthood, you can't get into jail even if you are an hour away from having full age. It's the best system we have, and one that would be handy for abortions.

    3. Deciding adult status in society is vastly different than deciding if you have the right to be alive or not. Adulthood is age 18. Some 18 year-olds are very mature and some are very immature. It is hard to put science to it; it becomes subjective. Human life begins at conception as a scientific fact. It is very “measurable” or objective.