Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lorax Theology

Saw The Lorax movie with the family last weekend. The little peanut shaped guy said something that got my theological attention.
"Which way does a tree fall? ……The way it leans. Careful which way you lean."

We tend to “lean” our souls (will & intellect) toward God or toward self. The closer we lean toward God, the closer our desire for truth and goodness is satisfied. The beatific vision or Heaven is when we have “fallen” in union with the source of all truth and all goodness.  An eternal and inescapable state of dissatisfaction and loneliness comes when we have “fallen” toward self and away from God; this is Hell.
We must ask ourselves….. What choices am I making each day? Where do I spend my time and money? Where do my idle thoughts go? Am I leaning toward God or toward self?
Which way would I fall if I were cut down?


  1. If you are leaning away from God you will fall but if you are towards Him, you, like the beloved apostle at the Last Supper will hear His heartbeat.

  2. I love love love this post! I especially like how you mentioned the tidbit about where your mind wanders! It is so true because it often shows us where our heart truly is, and if it isn't towards something full of beauty and truth, our heart isn't in God. LOVED IT!!!

    1. There's more too, like a scene at the end where they save the last truffual tree seed, singing "let it grow". The bad guy sings "let it die". It easily relates to the "seed" of faith. The Lorax floating into the clouds reminded me of the ascension, but The Lorax as a Christ-like figure is kinda pushing it.