Monday, March 19, 2012

Christianized Color Theory

The last post mentioned color theory which got me thinking, as was evident by billows of smoke emanating from my ears. I work for an imaging company, so I need to know about color & light. I began to relate color & light theory to “the light of the world”.

I also deal in troubleshooting. The method of troubleshooting we use involves thinking in “opposites”, since a negative can often be used to help confirm a positive. This means we not only study what a problem IS, but also study what it IS NOT. The reason is because the true root-cause of a problem will not only explain what a problem IS, it will also explain what it IS NOT.
A simple example: Let’s say a light bulb IS out at your home, but the bulb right next to it IS NOT. A power outage in the neighborhood would explain why one bulb is out, but not why the other one is lit. One burned out bulb would explain both bulbs. But what does any of this have to do with anything spiritual? You shall see…..the light.

The best three words I can think of to describe Jesus would be Way, Truth and Life. Additive color theory is about three colors that come together to make white. They are Red, Blue and Green. This is like your TV set. Light is sent to you from the screen assuming your eye is capable of receiving it; just like God’s Grace can be sent to you assuming your soul is capable of receiving it.
I then began to ponder “opposites”.
What would be the opposite of Way, Truth and Life? I came up with Lost, Lies and Death. Also, the opposite of additive light is subtractive light in which three colors come together to make black; they are Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. This is like printing or painting on a white substrate or canvas. Ink or paint essentially prevents the canvas from reflecting white light to your eyes. Pigments also absorbed light away from your eyes. Relating back to God’s Grace; sin will prevent your soul from receiving Grace.
Putting this all together, the smoke from my ears became “smoke-signals” that started to take shape. The diagram below visually shows what is being said above. Think of three spot lights for the additive color. Think of three circles of paint for the subtractive color. (click HERE for a PDF version).
Both science and religion lead us to truth and can complement each other. Not sure how often they are seen in such a colorful light.

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