Logic Check

All Statements are False!

If the statement above is true, it must also be false since it too is a statement. It is a self-contained contradiction. It fails a basic rule of logic called the principle of non-contradiction. The only way to reconcile it logically might be to say, “All statements are false except this one.” Then we would need to explore and question the premises and sources for the exception. The point of this is not to play word games, but to help us think through the things we believe.

Let’s look at some more…..
  • A Square Circle: This is fairly simple to understand.  It is not possible to have a geometric shape that fits the definition of both a square and a circle at the same time.
  • An Achieved Unachievable:  Also simple. If you achieved it, it cannot be unachievable.
  • Truth is Relative:  We’ll need to think harder now. For this statement to be true it must also be something relative, which by definition cannot be universally true.
  • Truth is Unknowable: Is this statement true? How can we know for sure if truth is unknowable?
  • Nothing is True:  Very similar to the title of this post; if true, it must also be false.
  • Only Science is True (Scientism): The scientific method cannot be applied to this statement, so how can science prove it is true?
  • The Bible Alone is True (Sola Scriptura): A contraction arises because “Bible Alone” is not found in the Bible. We need to go to some source outside the Bible to get it. It is unbiblical as well as illogical. Additionally, we find scripture like 1Timothy 3:15, where the pillar & foundation of truth is said to be The Church, not scripture itself.
Here’s one on Papal Infallibility just for fun…..
  • No person can be “infallible”: If true, no person could declare this “infallibly”.

Self-contained contractions are also used as amateur attempts to mock the existence of God. For example, “Can God make a four sided triangle?” or “Can God make a weight so heavy that He cannot lift it?” These things are meaningless. Like any contradiction they cannot be, therefore they have no “being”, and therefore they are no-thing; they are nothing…………. and nothing is impossible with God!!

WARNING: Contemplating the photo below can lead to insanity. It’s really nothing. Just let it go.

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