Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winning the Culture War

The last post on this blog reflected on a talk by Dr.Peter Kreeft about why Catholics are losing the culture war. In light of all the same-sex marriage talk lately, it seems more than appropriate to share some insights from the second half of the talk entitled  “Winning the Culture War”, available on CD from Lighthouse Catholic Media.

Political or judicial action to keep marriage defined in civil law as it is in natural law is fine, but this kind of action is geared more toward the effect of the problem than toward the cause. Almost all dissent from Catholic teaching today involves something sexual and I think the problem of sexual sin in our culture can be framed as follows:
Here is the gist of a seven-point plan on how to take corrective action on the problem of sexual sin and win the culture war from the root of the battle:
    1. Give to Caesar what is Caeser’s: It’s not about politics. Fight Christ’s war using Christ’s weapons of truth and love. In the end politics must be based on force (soldiers, police and lawyers). This is not The Way Jesus spoke of.
    2. Stop the Happy-Talk: You are in a war, so shut-up and fight! But be a happy warrior because it is a glorious war. Losing your hope is like losing your faith because we know God always wins in the end.

    3. Stop the busyness: Be Mary instead of Martha or do the works of Martha in the spirit of Mary (see Luke 10:38-42). Seek a contemplative presence with God. When Jesus comes to your house, stop cleaning the house and clean your mind instead.

    4. Forget what is fashionable: …and all the time and energy it absorbs. Give Christ the loaves and fishes of your life and He will multiply them. Start spending time in Eucharistic adoration (even if you don’t feel like it) and He will change you. Do it as an act of the will.

    5. Conquer the sexual revolution: As mentioned above, almost all dissent in the Church has to do with sexuality. Abortion, homosexuality, contraception, women’s ordination, inclusive language, fornication, divorce & remarriage all have an aspect of sexuality to them.
Anything between consenting adults is now justified and often glorified, even murder. We demand sex without babies. Since unrestricted sex is so indispensable we dispose of the babies instead, and the killing must remain just as unrestricted as the sex. What other examples of killing innocent life is tolerated like this? Not even the killing of animals. Even some trees have more rights.

The answer is JP2’s Theology of the Body. It’s like reading St. Augustine in the 5th century or St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.  It’s the big picture. It’s the plug in the dam of our cracked society.
    6. Be a saint:  Saints understand one thing very well; God is God and we are not. Saints give God EVERYTHING. This is easier said than done. I like to equate it to weight loss. What’s so difficult about weight loss? If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight; VERY simple. What could be simpler? But how difficult it is to lose weight with our natural tendency towards fatty food, our bad habits, hunger pains and the culture of food we live in? So it is with the culture of death and we need God’s Grace to overcome it.
Whether it’s something sinful or saintly, it all starts with thoughts. “Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
    7. Be saintly, not spiritual: Do not seek only the subject of God; seek the object of God. Do not seek subjective truth, but objective truth. Reject the motto “I feel, therefore I believe”. Reject the axiom that says the only sin is upsetting someone. Seek repentance instead of self-esteem. Love holiness, not niceness. Replace the fear of man with the fear of God.
Fighting the culture war involves fighting some BIG lies and the bigger the lies the bigger the suckers. Some lies are so big that they become hard to see unless you step back from the fray to see the big picture. The earth always looks flat until you break-free of worldly gravitation and start seeking the heavens. The message to all Catholics is clear. Seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest of the victory will be given to you.


  1. I always love your posts, and this is no exception.

    However, the title of point 7, "Be saintly, not spiritual", encapsulates such a useful idea, I think.

    You can't really say "I'm saintly, but not religious". It's incoherent. Sainthood presupposes discipline and docility to a set of religious beliefs and practices: a Tradition.

    Using 'saintly' without these premises sounds as it should, too: complete and utter presumptuous hubris, whereas "spiritual, but not religious', sounds trendy and cool but without any commitment to anything whatsoever.


    1. I think saying "I’m spiritual, but not religious” is basically saying nothing at all. Thanks for reading!

  2. The bigger the lies, the bigger the suckers! I know those dudes. Well done guys, I always like your stuff.

    1. Thanks Chris and let’s both thank Dr. Kreeft! The saying stems from Hitler who said “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it". So true.

  3. Like Roe, like gay marriage. Only a lie could get such a wild swing in public opinion in such a short time. And like most lies, the yes side has a huge subcategory that could be called the "passives". People who simply don't want confrontation, don't want have to think about and can't say boo if it involves having to defend their position. Many of the people I know who have flopped , when you talk with them, it's clear they simply don't want to have to go against something that is controversial. Since when do Americans get bullied into position. Even in times of war , poeple will regretfully agree and express the concern. With a lie they just fold tent.

  4. I'm afraid we live in a time where people fear what others will think of them if they do stand up for truth. The other side knows this full well that is why they will use tactics such as calling others judgmental, homophobic, hating women and so on. We are in dire need of courage these days to stand up for the Truth. The lines are being drawn very clearly between good and evil and the cowardice of many is plain to see. I pray that the grace needed to confront the issues that are facing us. We cannot let one side continue to have the last say. Good post.

  5. Good list however, If you are talking about war, (which you are) what about the war in the Church itself. We have establishment types not even admitting to the crisis that has been raging for decades. I think its time for force to be used to as it obvious the Bishops have no interest in cleaning up the mess, they are too comfortable in their residences. We now have a Pope giving tacit approval to gay clergy. I have confronted gay priests openly. I threatened to behead a religious brother who was harassing my young nephew. Believe me the harassment stopped. If we are going to save the Church its time for the direct use of force, if you see a rainbow flag hanging in your parish rip it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It’s a spiritual war, not a physical war. Have the mind of Christ. Remember too that same-sex attraction is not the sin, homosexual sex(or harassment) is.