Saturday, April 14, 2012

40 Days of Prayer?

The Lord says, “This is My Body”.  The priests for choice say, “This is my body.” These are the exact same words, but coming from opposite ends of the universe. The Lord continues, “…given for you”. The choice clerics continue, “…kept for me.”
This is my body
 A Planned Parenthood affiliate is conducting 40 days of prayer to “support woman”.  On the spiritual side, what evidence is there to back the premise that God approves of killing innocent human life as a personal choice that supports woman? On the secular side, one wonders how supposedly educated people can actually be pro-choice and recognize science & human rights at the same time. (see post Pro-Choice The Moral Blind Spot)

Ironically, 40 days of lent is often used to give up something, mirroring what Jesus did in the desert before starting His public ministry. Fasting and other sacrifices allow us to be more aware of our souls and put less emphasis on our bodies. This 40 Days of Prayer also comes from the opposite end of the universe, using the cry of “my body” that drowns out the soul. It seeks to hold on to something, a depraved choice, instead of letting go.
This is My Body
Some will be sincere in these prayers; some are only mocking the 40 Days for Life campaign. Looking at the big-picture, whenever we make a significant choice in life we should ask, “I’m I doing this more for God or more for myself? This is the question I pose about Planned Parenthood’s 40 Days of Prayer, since prayer is essentially about directing one’s life toward God.


  1. Actually,legalizing abortion with some hindrances is the best choice. If you don't want to abort, just don't do it. You can launch campaigns against abortion and still have it legalized, because that way you stop illegal abortion clinics that do more harm than good. And of course it's true that women may abort for the feeblest of reasons, but that's what the anti-abortion campaign is for. And actually, the bible is more pro-choice than conservatives think.

    1. Hello Alejandro,
      It terms of universal human rights, abortion is a violation by its nature and thus should be illegal in a just society. I’ve never heard a rational biblical or secular argument that shows how an unborn baby is NOT a human being.

  2. Alejandro,

    The hindrances you refer to have already been tried. Abortions were supposedly an answer(so we were told)to victims of rape and incest, now it has become a form of birth control, gender selection, culling those with physical defects such as downs and the like. Once a condition is placed on whether one lives or dies, then that opens the door to OTHER conditions that will now become acceptable.

    The big thing now is, gender selection. People are horrified(pro-choice people that is) that some couples are actually killing babies if they are not the gender of their liking. Why are they horrified? What makes abortion of certain genders any more horrific than any other abortion? What is the moralistic view that makes it worse? There IS none and that is the point. Take the rights of life from one group of people and that opens the door to do the same to others. Abortion? There is simply NO compromise when it comes to killing the innocent.